Citizen Reporter
1 minute read
11 Nov 2014
8:33 pm

Call for Datsun Go withdrawal after zero safety rating (video)

Citizen Reporter

Global NCAP Chairman Max Mosley has written to Nissan Chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, calling for an urgent withdrawal of the Datsun Go from the market.

The Datsun Go recieved a zero safety rating by Global NCAP.

This follows the cars zero safety rating by Global NCAP. In addition to the poor crash test performance Global NCAP noted that the GO was structurally too weak to make retrofitment of airbags a safety solution.

Global NCAP explained the crash test that devastated the GO as simulating a car to car crash in which the test vehicle hits a barrier that replicates the soft front end of the other vehicle.

The impact is ‘offset’ with a 40% overlap as most frontal crashes occur in this configuration. NCAP tests usually use 64 km/h, which is the speed at which fatalities are most common.

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