Citizen Reporter
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18 Nov 2014
2:00 pm

Land Cruiser 70 Series 2015 spec upgrade

Citizen Reporter

The go-to vehicle of choice the world over for farmers, miners and over landers who appreciate its no-frills, no-breakdowns approach to duty, the Land Cruiser 70 Series range has received a spec upgrade for 2015.

The uncompromising workhorse especially in new V8 Diesel guise, delivers legendary strength combined with muscled-up looks, stacks of grunt and a truckload of impressive features.

Easy to spot, the revised Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab now comes with rear over fenders and 16-inch alloy wheels as opposed to steel wheels (Single Cab models already come with over fenders and alloys as standard).

In addition, all models now get a Lights-On Remind Warning with buzzer. A new feature for the 79 Single Cab, 79 Double Cab and 76 Station Wagon when fitted with the V8 Diesel engine, are the auto-locking free wheel hubs which means that you no longer have to get out of the vehicle to lock the wheel hubs.

The other running change applies to the Land Cruiser 76 V8 Diesel Station Wagon – it now comes standard with a spare wheel cover.

And finally, all 79 V8 Diesel Single and Double Cabs are now equipped with a spare wheel lock.


Land Cruiser 79 Single Cab

R489 000

4.5 V8 D- R559 400

Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab

4.0 V6-R519 700

4.2 D-R545 100

4.5 V8 D- R612 100

Land Cruiser 78 Wagon

4.2 D-R532 500

Land Cruiser 76 Station Wagon

4.2 D-R557 500

4.5 V8 D-R626 000