Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
2 minute read
28 Aug 2013
8:00 am

Audi allroad heads home!

Mark Jones

For those who have being following our monthly updates on our long term Audi A4 allroad we are sad to report that this impressive machine has had to go back.

We knew that day would come but the part that makes it really sad is that, thanks to us mixing up dates, the return day came a little sooner than originally planned.

We faced the difficult choice of keeping the allroad at The Citizen, but not being able to use it as much as we should, and trying to justify its stay financially would not be easy or fair on Audi SA. So with its working time at The Citizen over, we did what we thought was the right thing and returned the car so that they can then sell it on.

Audi SA was also very happy to be able to put a low mileage, around 11 000 kilometre, almost new 2.0 TDI allroad, with all the right extras on board, onto the market as there is huge demand at the moment.

The person who gets this particular car or who goes out and buys another, is buying a general all round car that does everything from daily traffic commuting to weekends away to doing some heavy lifting in the towing department – all perfectly.

It is a car that doesn’t promise to go around race tracks sideways or leave big black lines away from every traffic light. What it does promise is awesome everyday driveability from its 130 kW/380 Nm 2.0 litre turbodiesel and seven-speed S tronic gearbox while delivering a real world 8.12 litres/100 kilometre fuel consumption.

It also doesn’t have a gimmicky or flashy interior. It is an interior that is covered in top class leather and soft touch premium plastics while offering a substantial amount of space for all occupants and their luggage. And in our case a few race car bits and pieces.




In summing up our time with the Audi A4 allroad it was a car that looked the part, delivered on all that we expected and really wormed its way under our skin as one of the best long term cars we have had to date. Maybe we are at that stage of life where we value quality and this the Audi delivered in buckets!