Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
22 Jul 2022
7:30 am

Jaguar F-Pace SVR goes green – Avo Gloss Green!

Mark Jones

Highveld Sky, Moloti Deep, Knysna Forest and Meniscus Red are also on the menu.

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR clad in Avo Green Gloss.

When a Jaguar F-Pace SVR arrives at the office for review, the talk centres around all the things that make this SUV proper fast, as it should do. Here you have a family car with a high performance 5.0-litre supercharged V8 lurking under the bonnet. Fast is what an SVR does best!

Given a bit of a makeover for 2022, the powerplant still makes a raucous 405 kW of power and 700 Nm of torque, which is up by 20 Nm from before.

The torque converter used in the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 super sedan is now on board to deal with the increased demand.

A new Dynamic Launch feature that uses driveline inertia to maintain power to the wheels during gear changes to ensure this SVR hustles along at a rapid rate of knots. And by rapid we mean getting to 100 km/h in a claimed 4.0 seconds and only stopping somewhere close to 300 km/h.

Jaguar’s All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is fitted as standard. As is the norm at the sharp end of the segment, Configurable Dynamics allows you to setup the likes of the damping, engine response, steering feel, gear change and even exhaust note on F-Pace SVR to suit your mood.

An improved braking feel is delivered by a new Integrated Power Booster which delivers a sportier and shorter brake pedal for those moments when you need your mood to return to calm in a hurry.

With this all said, you would think we would have rushed off to our Gerotek Testing Facility and run this mean and very green machine against the clock. But we didn’t because this review is slightly less about the mean and more about the green. Avo Green Gloss to be precise!

The fastest avo you’ll ever see!

Following the successful introduction and sales of 27 custom-ordered Range Rovers in 2021 – which were finished in a variety of special colours such as Izi Khaleni Plum, Namaqua Orange and Egoli Yellow – Jaguar-Land Rover South Africa have gone and brought in a new batch of colourful Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Pace SVRs for 2022.

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Put through final paint processes at Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department in Warwickshire, England, a combined total of 48 hand-finished units have been made available at local dealers around the country.

Up to eight bespoke colours with locally inspired names such as Highveld Sky, Moloti Deep, Knysna Forest and Meniscus Red are on the menu for the discerning buyer.

As with the initial batch of 27 bespoke Range Rovers, all 48 vehicles are also fitted with custom door sill plates etched with the words “Built by Special Vehicle Operations” and circular B-pillar badges etched with SVO BESPOKE logos.

The scope of personalisation for Jaguar Land Rover includes a near limitless range of paint finishes, interior trims, and leather options through SV Bespoke.

So, if you are not in the mood for Avo Green Gloss or Highveld Sky, you can specify your Jag or Landy to your exact preference by talking to any Jaguar Land Rover dealer. And these bespoke commissions will be fulfilled by the Special Vehicle Operations in the UK.

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR is for sale in South Africa for a price starting at R1 991 869. To find out more, visit the manufacturer’s website.