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2 Feb 2015
6:30 pm

Jeep Club gets closer

Motoring Reporter

Chrysler South Africa’s Jeep division has officially partnered with Jeep Club SA NPC to integrate with the International Jeep Owner’s Group (J.O.G.), following in the foot-steps of the parent company in Europe that launched the all-new club late in 2014 at Camp Jeep Italy.

The Jeep Owner’s Group Internationally represents the Jeep brand through a community of like-minded owners that spans generations of adventurers, explorers and trailblazers, all dedicated to the Jeep philosophy: “Go anywhere, do anything”. In South Africa Jeep Club SA will provide local members access to a premium lifestyle experience.

World-wide look and feel

The Jeep Owner’s Group aims to not only entice new Jeep buyers into the club, but also to consolidate the existing club membership into a world-wide group offering the same premium lifestyle experience no matter where buyers choose to purchase and drive their Jeep.

All buyers of new Jeep vehicles from 1st February 2015 automatically become members of Jeep Club SA with a paid-up membership for the first year, thereafter a nominal fee will be payable to continue enjoying the many benefits afforded the club’s members.

Exclusive member benefits

Upon delivery of their new Jeep vehicle, all members of the Jeep Club SA will receive a welcome pack constructed from the same material used for the roof panels on the original Willys. The pack includes the membership card, a welcome letter, exclusive Jeep Owners Group vehicle badge, Jeep Club SA license sticker and a club keyring.

In addition to the welcome pack, Jeep Club SA members will receive a copy of the Jeep magazine during the course of the year, will be entitled to special promotions through the after-sales brand MOPAR as these become available as well as access to the Jeep Owner’s Group exclusive merchandising website where all the latest clothing and gadgets can be purchased – without a membership, none of this is possible.

Furthermore, membership to Jeep Club SA will also allow access to the “Tech Area” of the International Jeep Owners Group website where technical forums and live chats will be facilitated by Jeep engineers as well as people in the know.

Finally, the Jeep Owner’s Group website allows the member access to the Jeep archives providing vital historical Jeep information.

Club exclusive events

Membership to Jeep Club SA also includes access to monthly club events held regionally throughout the year, as well as an exclusive invitation to attend the ever-popular Camp Jeep which is planned for the third quarter of 2015. Camp Jeep is a gathering of Jeep owners from all regions around the country. Last held in the Drakensberg in 2008, Camp Jeep is expected to attract more than 1,800 owners and over 800 vehicles.

Jeep Club SA consists of regional representation in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and all events will be coordinated by Craig Parsons, the Project Coordinator between Chrysler and Jeep Club SA.