Own Correspondent
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10 Sep 2015
6:00 am

Volvo XC90 reinforces safety

Own Correspondent

The all-new Volvo XC90 has been awarded five stars and achieved top ratings in the 2015 Euro NCAP tests.

The Volvo XC90. Picture: Supplied

The XC90, with standard City Safety technology, stood out as the first car from any manufacturer to score full points in Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking Car to Car rear-end tests (AEB City and AEB Interurban).

“This is further proof that with the Volvo XC90, we have developed one of the safest cars in the world. In fact, we scored 100% in the Safety Assist category… Volvo Cars remain the leader in car safety innovation and miles ahead of the competition, with our standard safety offer,” said Dr Peter Mertens, senior vice-president, research and development, at Volvo Car Group.

The XC90 also features advanced pedestrian protection functionality independent safety regulators have yet to include in their testing protocols, demonstrating once again how the Swedish car maker continues to dominate and innovate in the field of car safety.

“We are the first car manufacturer to surpass the criteria Euro NCAP has applied to the AEB Interurban and City testing procedures. City Safety is one of the most advanced standard crash prevention offers you can find in a modern car,” said Martin Magnusson, principal engineer at Volvo Car Group.

With Volvo Cars’ long-held Vision 2020, the company aims to deliver cars in which no one is seriously injured or killed by the year 2020. The XC90’s five-star results in Euro NCAP’s testing is a clear indication of Volvo Cars’ continued innovation with the ultimate goal of creating cars that do not crash.