Own Correspondent
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30 Sep 2015
2:00 pm

Learn to race like a pro

Own Correspondent

Want to learn how to drive around a race circuit like a professional?

There are people who can assist. They call themselves Stigworx and they offer what they describe as Real Plus Virtual Track Coaching. The uniqueness of their approach revolves around fitting the student’s car with a Video VBOX: a sophisticated GPS-based datalogger which measures every move a vehicle makes – 10 times a second.

The positional data – speed, time, distance, plus lateral and longitudinal acceleration – gathered in this way is complemented by synchronised video and audio systems. Two cameras – one pointing down the track and the other pointing at the driver, plus microphones inside the engine bay and the cabin – provide additional information.

“The ‘Real’ part of our coaching includes experienced racer Jacques Joubert coaching from behind the wheel of the student’s car and then moving into the passenger seat and observing and guiding,” explains Adrian Burford, the second half of Stigworx.

“The Video VBOX records everything, and when the car stops in the pits we plug an SD card into a laptop and examine the information on a large monitor,” said Burford.

“To our knowledge, no one else is using this approach – and it works… and in one instance we improved a novice driver by 10 seconds around Zwartkops in just three eight-lap sessions.”

You can find out more on www.stigworx.guru or by contacting Burford on adrian@roadworx.co.za, or Jacques on jacques.joubert22@gmail.com.