Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
9 Oct 2019
10:20 am

Long term wrap-up: New Toyota RAV4 worthy heir to the compact SUV throne

Charl Bosch

Being the range-topping model, the VX’s spec sheet make for interesting reading

While it is often the case that manufacturers refer to a specific vehicle as representing a “quantum leap” over its predecessor, Toyota certainly took this definition to the extreme when it debuted the fifth generation RAV4 earlier this year. What is likely to be the precursor of today’s compact crossover, Toyota’s Recreational Activity Vehicle with four-wheel-drive has morphed from the comparatively tiny and cute Corolla-based vehicle in 1994 to a rather large, aggressively styled family pseudo off-roader. As many of you might now, the RAV4 has, over the last three months, been part of our long term fleet where it...