Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
13 Aug 2020
9:52 am

Volkswagen Touareg an example of understated excellence

Charl Bosch

Volkswagen's often forgotten large SUV an option you discount at your peril.

Volkswage Touareg

The year that was two-thousand-and-three saw a number of interesting developments occur– the final flight of the Concorde and addition to the dictionary of the term ‘unfriend’. At the same time, a new television show, then in its second season, had sent a 12 year old boy from the Eastern Cape into a complete frenzy as it not only was about cars, but presented by a brash and funny Englishman. That show was of course Top Gear and the man in question, Jeremy Clarkson. During the third episode, Clarkson, while taking a stab at the then new Porsche Cayenne, stated...