Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
24 Sep 2020
8:51 am

Bland and boring the new Toyota Corolla Sedan definitely no longer is

Charl Bosch

Range-topping XR has it made but the questions is, manual or CVT?

Toyota Corolla Sedan 2.0 XR

Pitfalls in the automotive industry are nothing new and while there are always various elements present as to why a certain vehicle could be considered flawed, arguably one of the biggest hurdle is its design. On more than a few occasions, especially if the vehicle has amassed a reputable reputation, its replacing by an all-new model would result in the phrases, “glad I am not responsible” or “the designer has a hard to act to follow” being used. Although this statement mostly likely applies to each vehicle’s successor, some can be considered real tough acts to follow and if you...