Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
3 minute read
20 Jan 2021
8:29 am

Easy to see why Toyota Starlet is selling like hot cakes

Andre De Kock

Hatchback does everything with ease, making it a pleasure to drive.

Our long-term Toyota Starlet 1.4 XR

Familiarity, the saying goes, breeds contempt. For instance, South African taxpayers have grown familiar with government officials using state tenders to hugely enrich themselves, generally without rendering actual services. And the worst is about to come. Right now, you should be able to hear the rumbling of cadres stampeding to secure the tenders to distribute Covid-19 vaccines. This will be the Big Daddy of all heists – those long dreamt of, life-altering deals that will enable elite comrades to retire in Dubai with billions. And, judging by the way they delivered on previous state-generated tenders, your vaccine jab – if...