Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
2 minute read
26 Jan 2021
8:43 am

Take five: Breaking down the polarsing new BMW 4 Series

Charl Bosch

Controversy abound, the new 4 Series does have its merits.

New BMW 4 Series

Not since the Chris Bangle styled E65 7 Series from 20 years ago has a new BMW arguably caused so much controversy as the new 4 Series has had. Shown, likely to the horror of some, as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show two years ago, the first creation of Head Designer Domagoj Dukec has been the topic of heated debate ever since the wraps came off, with little change, last year. Those against the grille with its massive kidneys, which the German-born Croat argues harks back to the iconic 1930s 328 and the 3.0 CS from the 1970s...