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2 Oct 2013
8:00 am

Now the best things in life are free at Mitsubishi Motors


Mitsubishi Motors SA is making a real impact on the market and impressing their new customers with all their latest value-for-money product offerings.

They are, however, not neglecting their loyal customer base. Mitsubishi are now offering free roadside assistance on Mitsubishi cars, SUVs and LCVs of up to seven years old.

“We have always enjoyed unusually strong customer retention and have a very loyal customer base and we now want to add further value to the Mitsubishi ownership experience,” said Mitsubishi Motors SA chief executive officer Jaco Oosthuizen.

Owners of Mitsubishi vehicles younger than seven years are offered the opportunity to register for free roadside assistance for a period of two years.

Those customers with vehicles older than seven years receive even greater value, with a 10% discount voucher offered on their next vehicle service or repair at a Mitsubishi dealer.

“Roadside assistance is included in current Mitsubishi service and maintenance plans, but when these expire customers inevitably need to consider other options for roadside assistance, which can be expensive,” said Oosthuizen. “Now free roadside assistance is available to Mitsubishi owners for a period of two years by clicking on and registering for the offer.”

The roadside assistance scheme includes:

  • Mechanical breakdown towing (allowing for two tows per year to the nearest approved Mitsubishi service centre).
  • Unlimited battery jump start assistance for the two year period
  • Unlimited tyre-change assistance for the two year period

As an added bonus Mitsubishi Motors SA is adding a further aspect to the roadside assistance offering is called + Mobility. In the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown the registered person can contact a 24 hour helpline.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown the customer response operator will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest Mitsubishi service centre. Should it not be possible to repair the vehicle on the day of the breakdown, travelling costs by the registered person to and from the relevant dealership will be covered by Mitsubishi Financial Services.

When the vehicle cannot be repaired and the customer is more than 100 kilometres from home he/she can choose to either be accommodated overnight in an hotel while the vehicle is being repaired, or arrangements will be made by the customer response centre to hire a vehicle, with both the accommodation and car rental benefits being subject to terms and conditions.

In addition there will be assistance if a customer runs out of fuel, locks the keys in the car or loses the keys.