Andre De Kock
1 minute read
7 Jul 2014
4:30 pm

BMW 335i entries cash in on long straights

Andre De Kock

The 2014 Super Series participants performed in front of a large Eastern Cape audience on Saturday, during round four of the season at the East London Grand Prix circuit.

The Alcohol Killer BMWs of Johan Fourie and Gavin Cronje were unbeatable in East London. Picture: Dave Ledbitter

The East London track’s long straights suited the Alcohol Killer BMW 335i entries of Johan Fourie and Gavin Cronje down to the tarmac, and it surprised few observers when they took the two front spaces on the starting grid during Friday’s official qualifying session. They continued in that manner on Saturday.

Fourie won both of the day’s races from Cronje, with Michael Stephen (Engen Xtreme Audi S4) taking the final podium spot.

In both cases, they were followed by Simon Moss (Engen Xtreme Audi S4), and Gennaro Bonafede (Sasol Audi S4).

The opening race will long be remembered for a massive crash on the venue’s fearsome Rifle Range sweep. The Sasol Audis of Gennaro Bonafede and Hennie Groenewald touched, sending Groenewald’s car into a long spin at over 240km/h. As it crossed the circuit in a haze of Bridgestone smoke, the Audi was solidly collected by the Williams Hunt Chev Cruze of Michael van Rooyen.

Sparks and bodywork flew and both cars retired on the spot, without driver injury.

Lee Thompson (Castrol Mini Cooper) won the opening Class T race from Gary Formato (Dealer Ford Focus ST), Graham Nathan (VW Golf GTI), Mandla Mdakane (Castrol Mini Cooper) and Shaun Dumini (Dealer Ford Focus ST).

Graeme Nathan had a huge crash, after being punted sideways by Mdakane’s Mini, his Golf slid into the Eastern Cape flora and rolled. The race was red-flagged and the results obtained from the previous lap, which saw Mdakane winnning from Nathan, Michael van Rooyen and Shaun Dumini.