John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
11 May 2022
9:37 am

FLOYD ON F1: Audi and Porsche involvement should be taken with a pinch of salt

John Floyd

Rule changes for 2026 has not yet been accepted by parent company Volkswagen despite the go-ahead.

Niki Lauda won the F1 driver’s championship in 1984 in a TAG-Porsche. Picture: Getty Images.

The Volkswagen Group’s intention to join F1 took another step forwards last week. CEO Herbert Diess announced the board’s decision, although not unanimous, to become involved from 2026. Speculation is rife as to what roles are envisaged by the new additions to the grid. Diess hinted both Audi and Porsche will enter the field as engine manufacturers, and media rumours support this as far as Porsche is concerned. The idea of the German super car manufacturer developing and manufacturing the proposed new generation of the 1.6-litre V6 makes a lot of sense. Consider the power unit that took McLaren to...