John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
2 minute read
8 Jun 2022
7:45 am

FLOYD ON F1: Aero and weight weigh-off

John Floyd

Improvements in overtaking was identified as a key aspect of this year's season.

The current 800 kg F1 are deemed to be too heavy by experts. Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images.

This season the mass and size of the F1 car has increased, due to new specification agreed and approved by all concerned within the sport. A strange situation, when one considers the huge costs incurred in developing new, composite materials so F1 cars can be lighter. But it appears the “all new, improved” larger F1 cars have almost negated such benefits derived after many years of research. The objective of the 2022 design was to improve overtaking opportunities, the new aerodynamics reducing the effects of the “dirty” air of the car ahead allowing close quarter slipstreaming. But so far it...