How often should you dry brush?

Dry, flaky skin can be the worst – luckily though, you can rectify the issue with a simple exfoliating technique: Dry brushing.

But how often should you dry brush to reap all the benefits of this age-old practice? And can you dry brush too much?

Let’s find out!

What is dry brushing?

If you didn’t know, dry brushing is an exfoliation technique using a dry, coarse-bristle body brush. You know which ones – with the wooden handle and yellowish bristles.  While you might use that one in the shower, dry brushing – as the name suggests – doesn’t involve water, soap, lotions, or oils.

Why should you dry brush?

While this may sound quite scary, the dryness causes friction, encouraging the removal of dead skin cells, and exfoliating the skin. There are also several benefits to dry brushing, including encouraging the breakdown of cellulite, increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and drainage, and much more.

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How often should you dry brush?

To reap all the benefits of dry brushing, you have to do it regularly.

Some skincare experts suggest dry brushing as often as 2 to 3 times a week for up at least 5 minutes in the morning and then hoping in the shower.  As dry brushing can be invigorating, it might not be a bad way to start your morning!

Some experts suggest taking this one step further and taking a cold shower after you dry brush! Cold showers help boost those invigorating effects and offer several additional benefits!

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How to dry brush correctly

Not only do you have to dry brush frequently, but you also have to do it correctly.

Always start from the bottom up, beginning with your feet, brushing gently, yet firmly in an upward motion. Stick to slow, clockwise strokes.

When dry brushing your legs, start from your feet, moving upwards along the front of your legs. Then move to the backs of your legs, scrubbing upwards to your thigh, then bottom.

Once you get to your arms, follow the same bottom-to-top logic, beginning with the front of your forearms and moving upwards to your shoulders. Repeat on the backs of your arms. When you get to your stomach, start at the bottom half of your navel, moving upwards towards your ribs and heart.

Always pay close attention to the tougher parts of your skin, like elbows and knees. Once you’re done, hop on the shower. From there, gently pat your skin dry and lather up with your favourite moisturizer!

Remember, you should avoid dry brushing if you have:


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