Bedtime stories your kids will love this Christmas

Christmas eve gifts ... books for a bedtime story, then quickly to sleep so Santa can pop down the chimney to deliver the gifts.

Image: HarperCollins UK Children

Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Lost Christmas – a sequel to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and equally as humorous, with the Grinch determined to win Who-ville’s Christmas tree contest. HarperCollins UK Children, R399.

Image: Bloomsbury

It’s chaos at Christmas, as a who host of animals get into silly situations as they try to celebrate the season. You Can’t Let an Elephant Pull Santa’s Sleigh by Patricia Cleveland-Peck and David Tazzyman is a delight … hysterically funny. Bloomsbury, R220

Image: Orion

A magical story about a 10-year-old girl who is convinced her mum’s new boyfriend is Father Christmas (he even works on a reindeer farm). LD Lapinski’s brilliant Step Father Christmas in 25 chapters … so one a night with two on Christmas eve. Orion, R220.

Image: Farshore

The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas – a magnificent musical novel by Matt Lucas, about Leo’s first Christmas without his mum. There are QR codes that you can scan, and listen to the song as you read … with all the words at the back, so you can sing along too. Farshore, R295.

Image: Jules Belasyse-Smith 

He was dressed in red trousers and a white sleeveless vest. He didn’t have gloves on, …and as for the rest? It was too hot for his hat and his wintery tops. Even his boots were swapped for flip flops! Mother of three Jules Belasyse-Smith got tired of explaining to her confused children that ‘no, there’s no snow, but yes, Father Christmas is coming.’ “All the Christmas books on the shelves in all the book shops are all about snow, the northern hemisphere, cosy nights and associated non-relatable content.  I’ve never found anything that I can read my kids that tells the story from a different perspective,” she says.

And so she wrote her own Christmas book. Twas The Night Before A Summer Christmas is a light-hearted take on a much-loved classic,  and tells the story of Santa’s Christmas Eve journey to a house in the southern hemisphere. It’s just lovely … the perfect book to read to your children on Christmas eve. R150, directly from Jules on 082-377-2009 or


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