Get your car ready for your summer adventures

With the current weather fluctuations, it is crucial to ensure your vehicle is at its best. Here are some tips on how to get your car summer ready.

Just like us, cars respond differently to hot and cold weather, making it essential to inspect specific components with each season change.

The Motor Industry Workshop Association (Miwa), affiliated with the Retail Motor Industry, emphasises the importance of road safety in South Africa’s unpredictable spring and summer. Miwa’s chairperson, Dewald Ranft, advises, “Safe journeys start with a well-maintained car. Besides regular servicing, pay attention to annual and seasonal checks.”

Here are Miwa’s top five summer checks and their significance:

Coolant: Protect your engine from overheating by ensuring your vehicle has sufficient anti-freeze in the reservoir throughout the year. Coolant prevents corrosion, aids heat transfer and raises the boiling point of the liquid, crucial in hot temperatures.

Battery: The summer heat can be harsh on car batteries, leading to potential failure. Proactively service or replace your car’s battery to avoid roadside issues. Check the charge, the terminal conditions and secure mounting during an inspection.

Air conditioner (AC): A malfunctioning AC in a heatwave can make driving unbearable. Ensure your vehicle’s AC is summer-ready by changing the air filter, maintaining the gas pressure and keeping the system clean to prevent dust and bacteria build-up.

Close-up tyre profile.

Oil: Rising temperatures mean your engine works harder, increasing wear. Fresh oil provides better lubrication and heat protection, reducing friction between engine parts and preventing potential damage.

Tyre tread: Inspect the tyre tread and ensure proper inflation to reduce the risk of hydroplaning by channeling water away. Good tyre maintenance is crucial for safe summer driving.

Ranft urges: “If you’re concerned about any components, do not take chances. Visit an accredited workshop for advice on making your car summer-ready. Enjoy the weather by the pool, but consider how your car will handle road challenges.”

Source: Cathy Findley PR /  Photos: Caxton Library


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