Volvo offers direct bulletproofing for XC90

Enhance your security with Volvo's direct bulletproofing service for the XC90 SUV.

Volvo clients in South Africa can now order their XC90 with discreet ballistic protection, certified to the NIJ-IIIA standard, and without compromising comfort or performance.

The armoured XC90, seamlessly integrated into Volvo’s global product range, undergoes rigorous ballistic certification testing based on the NIJ-IIIA standard and VPAM BRV 2009 standard (B4). This certification ensures the XC90 can withstand handgun fire, providing 360° ballistic protection.

All armoured components, including reinforced laminated glass, high-strength steel plating, and special aramid composites, are discreetly incorporated into the existing SUV design. Volvo’s clean Scandinavian styling maintains a luxurious appearance without drawing unnecessary attention.

Beneath the surface, the XC90’s chassis and braking system are optimised to support the added armouring weight (approximately 300kg), preserving the SUV’s fundamental properties. Volvo’s standard safety systems, a hallmark of the brand, remain fully functional.

Greg Maruszewski, managing director of Volvo Car South Africa, notes the increasing global demand for armoured vehicles and highlights the XC90’s addition as a factory-backed solution for individuals seeking elevated protection.

With full approval from Volvo, the armoured XC90 retains the standard five-year/100 000km manufacturer warranty and maintenance plan.

The special protection version of the XC90 is priced at R2.5m (incl VAT) on the local market.

Source: MotorPress


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