United efforts to combat illicit tyre trade threat

Learn how industry alliances are taking action to safeguard consumers and the economy against the dangers of counterfeit tyres.

The launch of the Blow the Whistle Compliance Forum in 2023 marked a significant step in addressing the trade in illegal automotive parts in South Africa. Now, in a new collaborative effort, several industry associations have formed the Tyre Silo Forum to tackle the illicit tyre trade head-on.

Led by Vishal Premlall, the national director of the Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association (Tepa), the forum brings together key players from various sectors, including the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (Saaff), the South African Tyre Manufacturers Conference (SATMC), and the Tyre Importers Association of South Africa (Tiasa).

Vishal Premlall.

Premlall emphasises the importance of this unified approach in combating the detrimental effects of counterfeit tyres on both consumers and the economy. With poor-quality imports flooding the market through compromised channels, significant revenues are being lost, posing safety hazards and threatening business sustainability.

Nduduzo Chala of SATMC highlights the industry’s concerted efforts to work with law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute perpetrators of illicit tyre trade. Similarly, Dr Juanita Maree of Saaff stresses the need for collaboration to eliminate illicit activities and enhance legitimate trade practices.

Charl de Villiers of Tiasa underscores the importance of a collective response to address loopholes exploited by unscrupulous traders. The forum aims to work closely with government agencies like the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications to strengthen regulations and enforcement measures.

Premlall urges consumers to report any suspicious activity through the Tepa website’s Whistleblower hotline, reinforcing the importance of collective vigilance in safeguarding against illicit trade practices.

Source: Cathy Findley PR


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