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Half a dozen newly released books

In Mommy, My Body’s Changing: A Girl in Bloom’s Trusty Handbook for Growing Up, Dr Mpume Zenda dispels myths and taboos associated with puberty and menstruation, and shares practical advice and down-to-earth wisdom to empower young girls to effectively manage and embrace this new stage of their lives with dignity, awareness and self-love. Quickfox Publishing

Workplace bullying is an increasingly pervasive issue and is a challenge that should be addressed holistically, comprehensively and with a target approach. In Building Psychologically Safe Spaces, Ngao Motsei talks about how everyone – company leaders, HR directors, bystanders, targets and the bullies themselves – have a role to lay in building psychologically safe word spaces, and shows us how. Tracey McDonald Publishers

In Finding Purpose – Lessons from the Message Architect, Thami Nkadimeng shares her story … the life lessons she’s learned, her triumphs and tribulations … and shows how the readers can uncover their own purpose in life. Kwela Books

Fallen out with a loved one over politics? Want to learn how to disagree without arguing? In Seek – How Curiosity can Transform Your Life and Change the World, Scott Shigeoka shares his four-step famework to help you enhance your capacity to detach (let go of your assumptions, biases and certainty), intend (prepare your mindset), value (see the dignity of every person, including yourself) and embrace (welcome the hard times into your life). Pan Macmillan

Make Work Work For Your – Life Lessons for the World of Work by certified master life coach Judy Klipin, offers practical ways to ensure your work works for you … asking is the physical work environment sapping your energy, are the toxic office politics driving you mad, is relentless stress pushing you to the point of burnout, is it the work yourself that leaves you cold, are your values reflected in the work you do. By looking at what is and isn’t working for you, and using the Wheel of Work tool, Judy helps you identify the choices you have, and how to respond to the situations you find yourself. Bookstorm

Michale Greger’s How Not To Age is a massive 600 page scientific approach to getting healthier as you grow older. Inspired by the dietrary and lifestyle patterns of the world’s centenarians and residents of the ‘blue zone’ regions where people live the longest, the doctor discusses everything from slowing the pathways of aging and optimal anti-aging regimen to his anti-aging eight (including nuts, greens and berries). He talks, too, of preserving your hearing, your joints, your teeth, your bones, your sex life and your dignity. Pan Macmillan

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