Empty home for sale

This is how you can make your vacant property appealing to buyers.

You may think prospective buyers would prefer an empty home so that they can see the size of the rooms, but most would actually prefer to see your home with all your furniture and belongings in place when viewing.

Agents agree that buyers generally react better to homes that are occupied and furnished – because it helps them visualise themselves living there.

This is one of the reasons developers furnish a show unit when marketing a new complex. It gives buyers a good idea of where their furniture should go and whether the size and layout would suit them.

With an empty home, many buyers have trouble working out whether their belongings will fit into the space. Homes that have been empty for some time may also seem neglected and unwelcoming – particularly if the garden is overgrown or windows and floors are dirty.


If you have no option but to sell your property unoccupied, there are still ways to make it appealing to buyers.


While the property remains empty, keeping the garden neat and tidy is important – particularly just before show days and weekends.

If you can’t do the necessary interior and exterior work yourself, your estate agent should be able to recommend reliable contractors – and possibly manage the process for you until your home has been sold.

Writer : Sarah-Jane Meyer

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