Focus on kids: Is your child a couch potato? It’s time to get them active!

As parents, how do we ensure our kids are getting enough exercise?

It is all too easy to allow your kids to stay inside playing video games instead of riding their bikes or playing outside. This is compounded by feeling like you need to constantly supervise your kids for their own safety. Still, children need exercise and it is up to you to see they get it, even if it means spending more time in the great outdoors with them.

How to get your child to be more active

Outdoor games provide a great deal of physical activity, particularly if they involve running, jumping and throwing or kicking a ball. Get involved in these games with your children and encourage them to include other kids of a similar age. This also promotes socialisation, which is important for emotional development.

Build your child’s social skills

Encourage your kids to be involved in sports. Sports encourage teamwork, promote physical activity and build your child’s social skills. Do not put pressure on your child to always win and be the best. Encourage their efforts and support them, whether their team wins or loses. Be grateful for the health benefits that sports provide and encourage your child to work hard and have fun.

Spend family time outdoors

The Lowveld has some of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. Take advantage of the warm climate and take the family out on walks, hikes or bike rides, or why not a horse ride?

Encourage your child to exercise with you

This is a great way to introduce regular fitness at an early age. Good habits that are formed when children are small will likely carry over into adulthood. While you do not want your child to become obsessed with exercise, the benefits should be brought into focus at home.

Promote the positive use of energy

By not allowing your child to be sedentary, you are promoting the positive use of energy. There is nothing like a little sunshine and fresh air to encourage running, jumping and a whole host of other great physical activities. You may even find yourself getting more exercise as a result.

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