Is your child really gifted?

By definition, children who are gifted are those who have above-average intelligence and superior talent for something.

Almost every parent believes their children are gifted. In some ways, they’re correct. It appears miraculous to watch a child develop from an infant to a human who can read, solve arithmetic problems, and form friendships. It’s no surprise that many parents feel this way.

Most people interchange adjectives like bright, gifted, special, extraordinary, and talented, but when a psychologist employs the term “gifted”, we’re usually talking about something statistically pretty rare.

Signs your child may be gifted

According to research only 3 to 5 percent of children are really gifted, although some estimates reach 20 percent. How can you tell if your child is one of them? Here are some of the early signs of a gifted pre-schooler, from the American Association of Gifted Children at Duke University:

What to do if you think your child is gifted

If your child exhibits multiple of these traits, consider getting him or her evaluated by a child development expert. You can also assist your child to develop their inherent abilities by reading to them and introducing them to hobbies like painting, music, nature, and sports.

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