Clutter 101: What to with all your child’s artwork

While it's difficult to not get sentimental over your child's artwork let’s be honest: you don't need 145 sketches of a tree.

After each pre-school term parents are often left wondering what on earth to do with their children’s school artwork (after all, there is only so much space on the fridge door).

Even the most sentimental among us will acknowledge that by the end of the term, all those homemade holiday cards and painted family pictures might begin to feel more like trash than treasures.

And regardless of how organised you are, the sheer volume of colourful masterpieces brought home by children can cause your kitchen table to dissolve beneath an avalanche of paper.

Here are five tips:

Make piles of what to keep and what to toss

While it’s always sad to part with artwork your child has made, not all forms of art are worth keeping. Random papers with stamps on them, or little scribbles, should be put into one pile. Artwork that is sentimental, or catches your eye, should be put on another pile.

Recycle artwork you will not be keeping

Either recycle your child’s artwork directly into the recycle bin or use it as scratch paper or to create more arts or a craft.

Dedicate a space for artwork

Use washi tape to put up a rotation of artwork that comes in the door on a dedicated wall.  After a few weeks, take the artwork down and replace them with new artwork. Let your child choose what to put up, and what to take down.

Utilise a binder system

If you prefer a low-tech and budget-friendly system, opt for binders and clear plastic page protectors.  We appreciate the notion of purchasing a binder with a clear plastic front so that children may personalise their binder. Create a new binder for each school term and store it on a shelf.

Save your child’s artwork digitally

There are many options for saving kids’ artwork digitally from just using your phone to using an app.

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