Win! Really, Don’t Panic! by Allan Knott-Craig

In our Rainbow Nation, people often panic when the rand weakens, when the fuel prices rises, when crime spirals out of control and when Eskom threatens with load-shedding.

Reviewer: Riaan Engelbrecht

Book: Really, Don’t Panic!

Author: Allan Knott-Craig.

Publisher: Book Storm

Rating: A cheerful read to relieve your stress.

But there is no reason to panic and to flee to other countries.

This is the message by Alan Knott-Craig, who is is back with a book to remind South Africans to ignore the naysayers, to hold the faith and focus on what makes South Africa a great country to live in.

It is a book of positive message by South Africans for South Africans.

Knott-Craig is a well-known South African tech-preneur specialising in social media, telecoms and social impact technology.

Named a 2009 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Knott-Craig is currently the CEO of Project Isizwe.

Back in 2008 when South Africa was really going through a tough time, an e-mail from Knott-Craig reminding South Africans of the upsides to living in South Africa went viral and elicited responses from thousands of South Africans.

2008 would be remembered for many things, including the rush for generators following rolling load-shedding.

The resulting book – Really, Don’t Panic! – captured a moment in SA history.

Fast forward to 2014, and Knott-Craig reminds readers that we have forgotten load-shedding (mostly), that we hosted the Soccer World Cup, that we survived the global recession, but now the panic feeling is settling in again.

The panic is once again caused by the Rand crashing, politics dominating headlines and service delivery protests everywhere.

But again, the message remains not to panic.

With contributions from Alan Knott-Craig, Alec Hogg, Max du Preez, Siya Mnyanda, Brand Pretorius and a host of others (well-known people, ordinary South Africans and international citizens drawn to South Africa) Really, Don’t Panic! puts South Africa back into perspective at a time many of us really need it.

In the book Knott-Craig writes: “Personally, I’m still bullish. I’ve been to a few countries around the world and I still can’t see how any of them offer what South Africa is able to offer… Every country has problems, but not every country has opportunity. And South Africa is indeed the land of opportunity. Africa is on the cusp of a decade-long economic boom, and we will benefit. How many other countries can boast such an upside?”

Really, Don’t Panic! without a doubt provides a breath of fresh air in a time of negativity and worry.

And yes, by all accounts, as Knott-Craig makes his case, supported by a cast of contributors, there is hope in this land.

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