Splitting your time during the festive season

Spending time with your family and friends at home is what the holidays are all about.

Even if you have been married for years, dating or engaged, splitting your time between each other’s families on Christmas day can cause arguments.
When trying to split time between families, most couples try to divide the time equally. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Instead of trying to be equal, try to be fair. Fairness might be spending one Christmas at one family and the next at the other.
Don’t commit to anything, but talk to both families about where the celebration will be and what everyone hopes to accomplish this season. Set your boundaries and make it clear that, while you’d like to be with everyone this holiday that may not be possible.
If there’s one side of the family you won’t get to see, plan a gathering for another time, so they know they’ll still get to see you sometime soon.
When you tell your family you’re not seeing them on Christmas for the first time ever, chances are they’ll be a bit upset. Deal with those hurt feelings head on, and help to make them better.

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