Updating your home on a budget

Give your space a new look and feel with these cost effective decor tips.

  1. Try rearranging the furniture in a room to give it a new look and feel.
  2. Update your scatter cushions or add a new throw to the end of your bed or the back of a sofa.
  3. Add indoor plants to your decor scheme.
  4. Put new photographs in your frames or add a pinboard and floating shelves to a wall.
  5. Keep your eye out for affordable wallpaper that will update a room in an instant. Mr Price Home has launched a new wallpaper collection, which is available online and at selected stores (mrphome.com); you’ll also find fabulous wallpaper collections at Leroy Merlin, leroymerlin.co.za
  6. Hunt for bargains in second-hand decor shops and auction houses – you’ll be amazed at what you can find.
  7. Look up DIY ideas online and create Pinterest mood boards to inspire you.
  8. Rather spend more on items such as your beds and electrical appliances – they need to last.
  9. Look through your own things and decide what can be sold or given away. If you sell items, put that money towards your makeover budget.
  10. Don’t be intimidated by trends; stick to your true style and add a few accessories here and there.

Scatter cushions, from R250, woolworths.co.za  

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