What you need to know about flying with furries

Get those pet passports ready for the next, big getaway.

Fancy going on your next holiday with your pooch? No need to leave your fur babies at home with the added expense of a pet sitter, as travelling with your pets is a growing trend…and we are here for it!

With the furry members of the family in tow, travel can be a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Next time you’re booking a trip, here are some things you should know:

In-cabin travel rules: 

When it comes to in-cabin travel, only cats, dogs and small songbirds, like budgies and canaries are allowed to accompany you, and there are a couple of rules you need to follow: 

Service animals:

Guide dogs accompanying vision or hearing-impaired passengers, or for passengers with other medical needs, are welcome in the cabin free of charge. The service dog must be professionally trained and certified.

Explore the world with your furry best friend right next to you. Source: Unsplash

Pet ‘passports’:

For your pets to be permitted onto the aircraft, you must carry their vaccination card, ID details, and other documents required by the destination country.

Make sure to check the pet rules of the destination you are planning on going to, as well as the information they will need you to supply. The same applies to airlines. We love travelling with Turkish Airlines, as they permit pet-friendly travel. B

efore hopping on a plane with your pet, you can generate a fee estimate for domestic and international flights. You can also easily make a reservation for your pets through the Turkish Airlines website or the mobile app, using your flight reservation code (PNR).


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