5 reasons why eco-friendly cat litter is better for your cat, and you

Make dealing with a litter box that much easier and healthier for you and your cat with eco-friendly cat litter.

It’s smelly, it’s messy, and it’s a pain to clean…you probably find that neither you nor your feline companion enjoys the litter box.

You can, however, make the experience a lot better for both of you by opting for eco-friendly cat litter. Here’s why:  

Beautiful cat looking playful and relaxed. Source: Unsplash
  1. Fragrance-free: Just like humans, pets can be affected by harmful chemicals and pollutants in their environment. There are no chemical additives in eco-friendly litter, and it is fragrance-free. 
  2. Gentle on paws: Eco-friendly cat litter is generally softer to the touch, making it paw-friendly, less dusty and more appealing to your cat’s hygienic habits.
  3. Better clumping: Choose small pellets with instant clumping of both liquids and solids – making the litter tray easy to clean. Small pellets also mean that your cat can cover their business easily.
  4. Not smelly: Eco-friendly pellets also often offer a high absorption of urine, odours and bacteria – this results in a low odour which is far more appealing to both the cats, and you. 
  5. Easy disposal: Being a natural product, it can easily be disposed of in organic waste or flushed in small amounts down the toilet at home (animal waste in septic tanks is not recommended). These litters are also usually biodegradable and can also be composted.

Tip: We love Bob Martin’s Felight ECO range featuring two options: Felight Eco Cat Litter Tofu and Felight Eco Cat Litter Corn Cob.


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