3 common dog breeds for people with allergies

Allergic to dogs? These cute breeds won’t make you sneeze, and they don’t shed either. 

Dreaming of having a dog, but every time you are near a pooch, your allergies flare up? We might have just the solution for you.

These common dog breeds don’t shed and are therefore a good choice for people who suffer from allergies…and they are absolutely adorable! Take a look:

  1. Maltese:. Pet parents typically let this breed’s long, silky hair grow to the floor for competitions, but otherwise tend to keep the hair short and maintain it with daily brushing. Personality: While playful, the Maltese is a gentle and laid-back breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercise.
  2. Poodle: Poodles come in three sizes – toy, miniature and standard – which means that whether you prefer a large dog, a tiny dog or something in between, there’s a poodle to fit your preference. A poodle’s size has little bearing on their temperament and grooming needs, though the large standard poodle requires more exercise than smaller varieties. The coat of a poodle is very much like that of a bichon, though poodles come in a wider variety of colors. Personality: Intelligent, loving and playful, poodles make terrific family pets. Just make sure to supervise small children around the tiny toy poodle. Because of poodles low shedding-coats, they have also become a popular dog for breeding “designer breeds” like goldendoodles, labradoodles, and cockapoos. These designer breeds often share the best qualities between two different breeds like temperament and appearances, while maintaining a coat that sheds less.
  3. Yorkshire terrier: While Yorkies don’t shed, they do require daily brushing — which can be done in minutes while they curl up in your lap. Personality: An adorable toy breed with a big personality, the Yorkie is a loving lapdog with a spunky attitude. 
A little Maltese lying in the grass. Source: Unsplash

In addition to adopting a non-shedding dog, you should also follow these tips to keep your home allergen free: 

Just keep in mind that taking these steps might not be enough to protect highly sensitive people who have severe allergies, but it is worth a try in order to enjoy the unconditional love of a dog. For more dog tips, visit Hill’s.


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