Air fryer Kota: A healthier take on a South African classic

The Air Fryer Kota offers a healthier alternative to the traditional deep-fried version while maintaining its characteristic flavours.

Kota, a popular street food from South Africa, traditionally comprises of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with an array of ingredients like French fries, meats, cheeses, and sauces. This beloved dish, sometimes called “bunny chow” when filled with curry, is typically indulgent and hearty. However, with the use of an air fryer and Sea Harvest Crisp & Chunky Tempura batter hake, we can make a healthier version without compromising on the deliciousness. Recipe compliments of Instant Pot.



1. Switch the airfryer on.
2. Add the hake on one side of the double-drawer basket and the potato chips on the other side. Season the potato chips with salt and pepper. Close the airfryer drawer.
3. Set the temperature to 180C for 15 minutes for the side with the hake and 200C for 20 minutes for the side with the potato chips. Press the sync finish button and start. Fry an egg and toast the bread whilst you wait for the hake and potato chips to be cooked.
4. Remove the inside of the bread (soft part )
5. To assemble the kota, start by spreading mayonnaise on the bottom side of the kota. Followed with atchar, lettuce, potato chips, hake, cheese and egg. Top with more mayonnaise and serve immediately.

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