Remember personal safety habits when you go to make your mark

It's time again for the National and Provincial Election, and voters are urged to practise safety when going to make their mark

South Africans will visit voting stations across the country later this month, to take part in the National and Provincial Election. Special votes will be cast on the 27th and 28th of May 2024, with the main voting day scheduled for Wednesday May 29th, 2024.

“When you make your way to your local voting station, please remember those important basic safety measures that you follow on any other given day. Large numbers of people will be out and about and this means that being aware of your surroundings is as important as ever,” says Charnel Hattingh, group head of marketing & communications at Fidelity Services Group.

She offers tips and advice for Election Day:

“The SAPS will have a heightened presence across the country on the day, especially at voting stations. It is a good idea to still be alert to any suspicious activity and to ask for help if you for example see unknown people loitering in the vicinity. Ask your security company if they have a mobile panic alarm that you can carry with you or a similar app that can be downloaded on your phone,” says Hattingh.

“It all starts with taking ownership for your own safety and being alert to what happens around you at all times. Opportunistic criminals are always on the lookout for ‘soft targets’ in places where large numbers of people gather. You can be a lot safer by simply paying attention to what happens around you on Election Day.”


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