Two weeks to go: Are you the next up-and-coming artist?

The countdown is on! With just two weeks remaining, the closing dates for submissions for  the 2024 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition is rapidly approaching.

This prestigious competition offers an exciting opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talents and gain significant recognition and exposure within the art world.

Founded by the Association of Arts Pretoria in the 1960s, the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition has been instrumental in launching the careers of many South African visual artists.

Chairperson of Sasol New Signatures, Pfunzo Sidogi, emphasised the unique opportunities this competition offers: “This competition allows emerging artists to benchmark themselves nationally and provides a rare chance to have their work included in the Sasol New Signatures catalogue and exhibit at the Pretoria Art Museum. As the longest-standing competition of its kind, it serves as a platform for artists to demonstrate their skills and creativity without limits, fostering connections through the universal language of art.”

Image supplied by Sasol New Signatures Art Competition

Artists are encouraged to take risks, try new techniques, and push themselves beyond their comfort zones in pursuit of artistic excellence.  This competition affords them the luxury showcasing the transformative use of materials, using unconventional or non-traditional techniques and to create works of art that challenge traditional boundaries and expectations.

Why Should You Enter?

To assist entrants, Chairperson Pfunzo Sidogi and Sasol Art Curator Cate Terblanche have hosted informative online tutorials covering essential topics such as entry requirements, how to create a winning work, copyright and much more. Artists are encouraged to view these tutorials and download relevant factsheets to ensure their submissions meet the high standards expected. More information can be found at Sasol New Signatures Resources and on YouTube.  Blogs, imagery, and catalogues from previous years are also available to view.

Image supplied by Sasol New Signatures Art Competition

Don’t miss the chance to compete for one of the nation’s top art honours. Artworks can be submitted at one of several collection points around the country on Tuesday, 4 June and Wednesday, 5 June from 10am to 4pm.  A completed entry form and supporting documentation must be submitted along with the artworks.

The winners of the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition will be announced on Wednesday, 4 September 2024.

Image supplied by Sasol New Signatures Art Competition

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