Brilliant reads to enjoy over the weekend

The weekends are the perfect opportunity to relax and curl up with a good book. Here are three great recommendations for you to enjoy.

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In Love in a Lost Land by James MacManus, a foreign correspondent arrives in Africa to report on a nationalist insurgency … an innocent newcomer, he struggles to stay neutral in what is a bitter way waged with terror on both sides. Meanwhile, he begins an affair with a young township teacher – one that is tested when he discovers she is recruiting her students to join the guerrillas and helping to smuggle them across the border. A love story set against terror and atrocities from an author who once was a foreign correspondent in France, Africa and Middle East. Whitefox Publishing

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Alistair MacKay’s The Child. After suffering a mental breakdown and losing his job at a New York advertising agency, a young man returns to Cape Town with his husband. The plan? To adopt a child … someone to love as the world around them falls apart. But as the adoption gets underway, his marriage and sense of self begin to unravel, and his life becomes increasingly enmeshed with his domestic worker and her young daughter. Lies, violence, and trauma all endanger the new beginning he hoped for. Kwela Books

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The Dream About Sinking by Aleksandar Bajić. Being young, female and white in South Africa … if life was a poker game, Nadine has all the aces. She’s a candidate attorney with a loving boyfriend and a brilliant career ahead. But an apparently chance encounter with a young woman who’s trying to escape from a police raid at a strip club where she works sets in motion a chain of events that show her life’s not what she expected, and that she doesn’t know herself as well as she thought she did.


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