Anele Zondo announces pregnancy

Anele Zondo, known as Ney the Bae, dug into her Zulu roots and her love of hip-hop to create her new single.

Actress, presenter and musician Anele Zondo has announced that she is pregnant and will release a new single, Vuka.

According to IOL, the Ingwe hitmaker described her upcoming single as a way of her digging deep into her Zulu roots and merging it with her love of hip-hop.

She says her single Vuka (which translates to wake up or awakening) is only one of her projects this year.

The musician and mother-to-be also spoke to entertainment publication ZiMoja about her journey to motherhood, saying it’s something she has always dreamt of but didn’t what to rush the process.

Anele took to Instagram to share the news with her fans and industry friends, saying: “Giving life to two things that I’m in love with. One of the biggest and best blessings that takes human form – a legacy a lifeline. I’m so grateful for my music – I’ve put my my entire existence, energy and being into my Vuka EP & in my music – it’s not just about the words but the FEELING of awakening.”

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