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Add some excitement to your workday this Friday

For many of us, our real best friend is waiting for us at home, tail wagging. Wouldn't your day be so much better if you could take your pup to work?

21st June is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This year marks the 26th year of celebrating the initiative, which was started by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the amazing companions’ dogs make and to encourage adoption.

Marycke Ackhurst, Pet Behaviour Expert from Hill’s Pet Nutrition says that one of the most difficult situations for pet parents and their pets is when they must leave one another and go to work. “If you are in the lucky position to be able to take your dog to work with you, this would definitely help ease the separation anxiety for both of you.”

Before taking your dog to work on the 21st of June, Ackhurst gives the below tips:

  • Firstly, ensure you receive permission from your employer to celebrate the day.
  • You need to be conscious of how taking your pet to work can influence your co-workers – make sure they are not a nuisance to others and try to prevent any messes or to clean them up. Remember to bring along cleaning supplies, paper towels and doggie waste bags with you, so that you can do this.
  • Ensure you can secure your dog to your working area, either with a crate, a long lead or even baby gates.  As much as we love our dogs (and our children) not everyone does, and it is your job to make sure your dog is not a bother to others.
  • Not all working environments are appropriate for dogs, but if it is you’ll need make sure of the following:
  1. A safe environment where they are not able to wander off into hazardous areas, such as roads, carparks, or areas where there are chemicals or poisons.
  2. That there is an area where you will be able to take them for a walk, or to run around, and of course if they need to go potty.
  3. Your dog will have to have good social skills with both other dogs and humans and needs to be able to remain calm for long periods during the day.
  4. Pack a bag with your dog’s lead, favourite toys to keep them entertained, their bed so they have something familiar to lie on and bowls for water and food.  Don’t forget some treats to distract or train them and a lickmat or chew could help keep them relaxed and busy.

“Many of us are now working remotely,” says Ackhurst, “if you would still like to celebrate on the 21st, encourage your team to have a virtual meeting so that everyone can celebrate together and meet one another’s dogs.”

This day is also a great opportunity to share your amazing pet stories with your colleagues and perhaps encourage them to adopt their own. Pet Matchmaker is an app that has partnered with animal shelters around the country, enabling pet parents to search for their purr-fect pet. Prospective pet parents can apply filters and customise their search when looking for their match. These filters help you find just what you are looking for. You can search by age, size, breed mix, coat colour, pattern and length, disposition, activity level and suitability with other family members. The shelter pets are profiled with their bio, photos, and videos. Visit the Hill’s website for more information.


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