Nicholas Dlamini assault ‘not the first’

A Twitter user claiming to be his friend, Sven Thiele, took to social media on Saturday to post a picture of Dlamini who appeared to be asleep with his arm bandaged.

Professional cyclist Nicholas Dlamini was expected to be discharged from hospital yesterday after undergoing surgery to repair his broken left humerus following his arrest by South African National Parks Table Mountain officials on Friday.

Mountain Club South Africa (MCSA) alleged yesterday that Dlamini’s brutal arrest was “not an isolated incident”, and have called on anyone who had suffered at the hands of officials to contact them.

MCSA stated: “While we have politicians focused on Table Mountain National Park rangers following the rather shocking incident involving Nic Dlamini on Friday, the MCSA [Cape Town section] would like to use the opportunity to bring to their attention the fact that this was not an isolated incident.”

Chairperson Martin Hutton-Squire said while the statement is true, the organisation was still in the process of researching and gathering information and would not be able to comment immediately.

The well-known cyclist was arrested last Friday by SANParks rangers after being caught training at the Silvermines section of the Table Mountain National Park, allegedly without a permit.

A video of the incident, taken by a fellow cyclist, was shared widely on social media, sparking international uproar. In the video, five officials can be seen viciously throwing Dlamini against a van before shoving him into the back of it.

During the scuffle, a dreadful click sound can be heard, which appeared to be the cyclist’s arm breaking. Towards the end of the video, an official warns the capturer to stop filming. Following the incident, the NTT Pro Cycling confirmed and condemned the incident.

They sent out a statement saying “Nicholas was taken to False Bay Hospital where X-rays were carried out and it was confirmed that he suffered a fracture of his left humerus.

“He has since been transferred to another local hospital where further specialist consultation, together with our team’s medical department, will decide on the next course of action to treat the injury.”

A Twitter user claiming to be his friend, Sven Thiele, took to social media on Saturday to post a picture of Dlamini, who appeared to be asleep with his arm bandaged.

Thiele tweeted: “He is out of surgery but super, super tired … but also totally humbled by all the massive support and love out there.”

The video was picked up by Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy, who called for the immediate suspension of the officers involved. SANParks acknowledged the incident and announced it was “in the process of appointing an independent service provider to conduct a preliminary investigation”.

“According to Lize McCourt, Acting CEO of SANParks, management has this morning met with the five Rangers involved in the incident to place them on precautionary suspension pending the finalisation of the investigation,” SANParks stated.

McCourt expressed regret at the turn of events and assured the public that the organisation is taking the matter seriously.

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