Eicher introduces the Skyline Pro 3009 bus range in South Africa

Eicher, supported by Volvo Group’s advanced technology, has now launched the Skyline Pro 3009 bus range in South Africa.

Engineered for “superior performance with unmatched comfort”, this SABS-compliant Euro 3 emission standards bus promises a redefined commuting experience.

With features like spacious interiors, comfortable HHR seats, a longer wheelbase and advanced safety features, the Eicher Skyline Pro 3009 focuses on reliability and passenger well-being.

The bus is equipped with the latest E494 engine, Volvo Group’s engine management system, an APDA (air brake), a clutch booster and an intelligent driver information system.

This expansion aligns with Eicher’s commitment to innovation. This bus joins the existing range of Eicher trucks in South Africa.

The comprehensive service network, consisting of 27 touchpoints in Southern Africa, reflects Eicher’s dedication to providing excellent support to customers.

Source: QuickPic


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