Millennials are the worst drivers according to study

The bane of the boomers’ existence, millennials have now been determined to be the worst drivers when compared to their Gen Z juniors.

With data taken from the National Highway Traffic Administration, agency of the federal US government, millennials are the most dangerous drivers on the roads. The data shows that those born in the generation, currently aged between 25 and 34, account for the most accidents, the most fatal crashes and the second-highest percentage of driving while distracted.

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While the US and South Africa are two vastly different countries, the data taken could be indicative of the group worldwide. Eugene Herbert, the CEO of MasterDrive, states: “The safest drivers were revealed to be Baby Boomers. Drivers between 63 and 72 were involved in the least crashes averaging only 14 per 100 000. The second safest group is Gen Z – drivers between 16 and 24. They average 44 per 100 000 which is still considerably higher.”

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The analysis reveals interesting information about each generation. Drivers aged between 35 to 44 – which comprise 80% millennials – have the highest number of alcohol-related crashes. Conversely, Gen Z initially appears to be more cognisant of drinking and driving with one of the lowest percentages of drivers involved in a crash while speeding and under the influence, however, this doubles as soon as they reach the legal drinking age, which in the US is 21. That said, the youngest legal drivers on the roads are also the most easily distracted while driving and the most likely to speed.

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