Joburg to Durban or Cape Town: What the travel costs are

Factoring in the cost of fuel and toll gates, which trip will cost you less?

Gearing up for the festive season, CAR Magazine takes a look at exactly how much it will cost holidaymakers to venture between Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town after the significant decrease in fuel prices.

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Planning a trip this festive season? It is always prudent to conduct due diligence to mitigate any unforeseen events and estimations in fuel costs are a significant aspect of national travel over December. With the fluctuating cost of fuel over the past several months, the Department of Energy announced the cost of all grades of fuel for the month and it was smiles across the board.

Inter-provincial car travel serves as the most common mode of transport for holidaymakers and the table below serves as a vague estimate of cost between the three most populous cities in South Africa.

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At 567.4 km, the distance between Johannesburg and Durban is the shortest route for Highveld holidaymakers to reach the sandy shores of the Indian Ocean but with five tollgates and the most expensive in the country located within, it can become a costly journey. The distance between Johannesburg and Cape Town is 1 398.7 km with four tollgates.

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With 1 913 sales over the month of November, the Volkswagen Polo retains its crown as the best-selling passenger vehicle in Mzansi and will serve as the hypothetical vehicle of travel below. Available in four levels of trim namely 70kW, 70kW Life, 85kW Life and the 85kW R-Line – all come fitted with a one-litre three-cylinder turbo charged motor. The first two are capable of 70kW and 175Nm while the latter boasts 85kW and 200Nm.

Average fuel consumption sits at 5.4l/100km save for the entry-level model which boasts 5.3l/100km and a total fuel range average of 755km. Using this figure, here is how much it would cost you to travel from city to city this festive season. Note – open road driving usually yields greater fuel economy with ICE-powered vehicles.

Image: Volkswagen.
Route Distance Fuel required Fuel cost Cost per km
Johannesburg to Durban 567.4 km 30.05 litres R643.07 R1.13 
Johannesburg to Cape Town 1 198.7 km 63.49 litres R1 358.69 R1.13

All figures are based on the inland cost of unleaded 95 petrol and the cost per km excludes toll gate fees which vary on the route. Use the AA Trip Fuel Cost Calculator to generate an exact figure ahead of your travels.

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