Renault Bigster coming to SA in 2026

Renault fans can now start looking forward the Bigster, which is rumoured to include a selection of petrol and diesel powertrains.

Bearing many similarities to its diminutive Duster counterpart, Renault’s Bigster has been confirmed to arrive in South Africa in 2026 by Car Magazine’s sources. Here’s what’s known about the model so far.

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Also known as the Dacia Bigster in foreign markets, a production version of the sizable SUV is expected to arrive in global markets in 2025. Car Magazine’s sources have confirmed that Renault South Africa will bring it to our shores the following year. This will come five years after the Dacia Bigster concept was initially unveiled in 2021, and the robust aesthetics will serve as an alternative to SUVs like the Volkswagen Tiguan and Kia Sportage. Like its mainstream counterparts, the Renault Bigster is rumoured to include a selection of petrol and diesel powertrains which should aid in mass appeal with prospective buyers.

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While the powertrain details are yet to be disclosed, it is speculated that the Bigster may share components with the upcoming Renault Austral, potentially offering a range of petrol mild hybrid units and a full hybrid. The availability of front- or four-wheel drive options remains unconfirmed but considering its more diminutive Duster sibling comes with both, Car Magazine foresees it will have full four-wheel drive capability.

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With the third-generation Duster recently being unveiled, there is no denying that the two are cut from the same cloth. Widened wheel arches and headlight design are dead giveaways, while chunky black cladding on the concept alludes to a rugged and capable SUV. At the rear, there is a boot lid spoiler and more protective mouldings on the lower extremities.

Image: Dacia.

With few images available, the interior remains anyone’s guess although with a history of simple and functional interiors in other Dacia/Renault products, the same can be expected from the Bigster. Arriving in 2025, we can also expect it to be fitted with a healthy dose of tech. With arrival dates still so far away, there is also no confirmed pricing for the Bigster, but we can comfortably assume that this will sit above the Duster and, based on what its competition is expected to be, the starting price for the model could be anywhere between R600 000 and R750 000 based on current exchange rates.

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