Liberty Walk Countach ready to rile up automotive world

Taking place in early January in Japan, Liberty Walk plans to cause quite some controversy once again by transforming the iconic car.

Icons in the high-end automotive modification industry, few stand taller than Liberty Walk but the firm has now imparted its renowned skillset onto a Lamborghini Countach which will be displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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While only a teaser video constructed with CGI is currently available, it provides a glimpse of the widebody Countach, showcasing the exterior modifications section by section.

Following a similar bold white exterior theme as the customised Ferrari F40 from the previous year, the Lamborghini’s appearance undergoes a radical shift with the addition of new parts.

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Based on what is visible in the video, the updated front end introduces a prominent front splitter and a lower fascia with a rectangular mesh covering three openings, creating a boxy aesthetic. Canards on the corners seamlessly integrate into the widened fender flare, resulting in a continuous and curvy line from the nose to the wheel well. The sides feature broader lower sills connecting the widened fenders, with an added opening ahead of the rear wheels. Notably, body-colour vertical strakes in the vents on the upper tail section suggest that this model is a modified 25th Anniversary Countach. The supercar sits on dark-coloured, deep-dish Rohana Forged wheels with Y-shaped spokes and Toyo tires.

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For Liberty Walk, the factory wing on the Countach was insufficient. The tuner replaces it with an even larger wing that attaches beneath the rear bumper. The tail undergoes further modifications, featuring flush-mounted tail lights instead of the inset lamps found on the production version.

The motorsport-inspired aesthetic is accentuated by a massive diffuser underneath the quad exhaust. Just like the controversial reaction sparked by Liberty Walk’s customized F40 last year, this teaser video suggests that the tuner’s take on the Countach will likely be equally polarising among automotive enthusiasts.

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