Volkswagen teases final ICE-powered Golf GTI

Here it is! Well at least here is a camouflaged depiction of the last ever fossil fuel-powered Golf GTI.

It is a rather sad day. While the Golf GTI may not have ushered in the hot hatch segment, it undeniably became the benchmark and this is a first glimpse at the final iteration of the moniker that will employ fossil fuel as propulsion. There is some good and bad news though. On display at CES 2024, the last ever fossil fuel-powered model boasts several changes for its 2025 model year including revised headlights, taillights and diffuser concealed by camo on the outside while the interior offers a massive centrally mounted tablet as infotainment (the same 15-inch version found in the ID.7).

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Most notably, Volkswagen has listened to users and their complaints over the haptic surfaces and now reinstated buttons around the interior. Did we mention the updated software uses ChatGPT as an assistant?

“The integration of ChatGPT into the backend of the Volkswagen voice assistant offers a multitude of new capabilities that go far beyond the previous voice control. For example, the IDA voice assistant can be used to control the infotainment, navigation, and air conditioning, or to answer general knowledge questions.”

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All of this paints a fairly positive picture for the model which will serve as a remembrance for the Vrrpha generation but what won’t is the discontinuation of the six-speed manual transmission. Despite not being available in South Africa with three pedals, foreign markets saw a resurgence of driver engagement. Alas, the venerated two-litre four-banger remains as motivation for the front wheels but it can be expected that it would deliver a bit more oomph than the current iteration’s 180kW. This same motor powers the potent R which is capable of 235kW lest we forget.

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Speaking of which, changes to the Golf R will likely follow a similar approach to what we are seeing here but more details on both versions of the hatchback will be provided within the next few months as the model approaches its arrival on showrooms by 2025.

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