Venturing into the Eastern Cape as part of Ford’s Rally to Read programme

Partnering with Read, Ford is on a mission to promote literacy in remote rural schools, where resources are scarce, and opportunities seem distant.

Ford‘s annual Rally to Read programme is a heartwarming initiative that’s making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children across South Africa.

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Rolling through windy Gqeberha, CAR Mag‘s Ford convoy was carrying not just educational materials but also hope and opportunity. With a total of eight schools along the route through rural Eastern Cape, the convoy was divided into four teams, with each team assigned to two schools.

For Siyavuya Mbaduli’s team, first up on the list was Rocklands Intermediate School in Uitenhage Farms, Gqeberha, the challenge of reaching the school was real – nestled far from town. Yet, the warm welcome from the learners and staff melted away any distance. Their excitement was palpable as they showcased their reading skills and recited poems, proving that the seeds planted by Ford’s previous visits were bearing fruit.

Image: Ford.

Then, at David Vuku Primary School in New Brighton, the contrast was striking. Impressive facilities greeted us, and the learners’ enthusiasm was infectious. They greeted us with drums and songs, leading us to their school where their advanced skills in reading, writing, and art were on display.

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In moments like these, the reality of economic disparity hits hard. We, the privileged, are reminded of the vast divide between our worlds and those of these marginalised children. Ford’s Rally to Read shines a light on this gap, showing us the urgent need for intervention.

In a country where rural schools often lack resources and support, Ford’s initiative is a beacon of hope. While the government’s efforts may have fallen short for these learners, Rally to Read steps in, bridging the rural-urban divide. By providing quality resources and training, they’re empowering teachers and learners alike, laying the foundation for improved literacy levels and brighter futures.

Ford and Read are not just delivering books and balls; they’re delivering possibility. With every visit, they’re planting seeds of change, nurturing minds, and breaking down barriers. It’s a reminder that, together, we can make a difference – one school, one child at a time. And as we drive away from these rural communities, we carry with us a renewed sense of purpose, inspired by the resilience and spirit of the children we’ve met along the way.

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