Top 10 best selling automotive brands locally – February 2024

Last month, Toyota took the lead in South African car sales, followed closely by Volkswagen and Suzuki.

In the dynamic landscape of South Africa’s automobile market, February 2024 showcased some intriguing shifts and familiar contenders in the race for dominance.

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Top 10 Best Selling Brands for February 2024

Toyota led the pack with a commanding presence in February 2024, boasting 11 524 units sold. Following closely behind, Volkswagen managed an impressive 5 333 units sold but produced and exported more than double, showcasing its consistent appeal to the local market. Suzuki Auto also made a notable mark with 5 221 units sold, proving its growing influence in the automotive scene. Nissan and Ford engaged in a neck-and-neck battle, with 2 739 and 2 732 units sold, respectively. 

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Hyundai, Isuzu, and Haval Motors SA carved out their niches, each securing a significant portion of the market share. Hyundai rolled out 2 512 units, while Isuzu impressed with 2 101 units sold. Haval Motors SA showcased its rising prominence with 1 656 units, reflecting a growing interest in its offerings.

Chery Auto SA and Renault rounded off the top ten list, with 1 504 and 1 316 units sold, respectively. Despite facing stiff competition, both brands maintained a steady presence in the market, appealing to drivers seeking reliability and innovation.

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Overall, these top ten brands collectively accounted for a substantial portion of the February 2024 sales, capturing the diverse preferences of South African motorists. The figures indicate a resilient industry, adapting to changing consumer demands and economic fluctuations.

However, amidst the buzz of sales figures and market trends, it’s essential to consider the broader context. While dealer sales dominated at 84.7%, car rental sales made up a significant 12.9% of new passenger vehicle sales during the month. This highlights the importance of various sectors in driving the automotive industry forward.

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