5 reasons why skipping your car service is not worth it

Understand why your car service is crucial for your safety and those around you…and what you can do to make budgeting for it a little easier on your wallet. 

It takes you to work every day, it transports your loved ones, and it gives you the freedom to go wherever, whenever. A car is an essential in South Africa, and knowing that it will take you safely and reliably from A to B is crucial for daily life.

The tight economy and increased cost of living means more and more people are struggling to get to the next pay cheque and trying to cut costs where possible – including skipping their regular car service. This, however, is not a wise money saving move….here’s why:  

Mechanic working on a car’s engine. Source: Unsplash
  1. Lifespan: Missing a car service will shorten the lifespan of your car. It may become unreliable and could develop a range of problems that significantly reduces the resale value of your vehicle. 
  2. Resale value: A car with a good service history maintains a higher value when reselling it. 
  3. Safety on the road: If you miss a service, you might not be aware that your vehicle’s tyres have inconsistent pressure, or suffers from wheel alignment issues, frayed belts,  worn brakes, oil or coolant leaks and other serious problems – factors that could contribute to an accident or lead to serious vehicle defects. Regular servicing and vehicle maintenance ensure that all essential vehicle operational systems are assessed regularly.
  4. Stay informed: By not going to regular services, you might be unaware of recall notices for the model, make, and year of your vehicle. This can be dangerous because if a manufacturer issues a vehicle recall replacing electrical components or other parts, it means there could be a severe threat to the driver safety.
  5. Financial implications: If your car is still under warranty, missing a car service can have serious financial implications, and you could invalidate your warranty, meaning you are not covered if any major replacements are necessary. Also, your insurance could refuse to pay for any damage caused in an accident, if you had brake failure, for example, which would have been picked up in the service. 

You might save a couple of thousand rands by missing a service, but the risks simply aren’t worth it.  To make car services more manageable on your budget, look at investing in a car service plan, allowing you to spread the cost over a few months.  Find out more at MotorHappy.


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