A kaleidoscope of art

Various artists have been given a platform to exhibit their work at the Centurion Art Gallery in Lyttelton.

A variety of artworks, done by both well-known and up-and-coming artists, can be seen at the Centurion Art Gallery this week. The Kaleidoscope Exhibition, as its name implies, showcases artwork of different forms, mediums, styles and colours that nonetheless form a unit.

The CEO of the National Art Council, Rosemary Mangope, graced the audience with her presence at the opening evening on 19 November and delivered an inspirational speech regarding artists and their work in South Africa, stating that such exhibitions were the ideal platform for artists to exhibit their work. Yaki Naudé also provided the entertainment for the guests.

Visitors who attended the opening evening and visited the exhibition during the week wrote in the guest registry that the exhibition was both inspirational and wonderful. Manda Bester, the organiser of the exhibition and an independent arts and crafts consultant, assists individuals and corporates in locating and purchasing arts and crafts.

Bester said that she wanted to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to exhibit their work. A total of 109 contemporary and commercial artworks from 40 different artists are on display. Well-known artists from Centurion such as Allain Nortje and Ronel Kellerman displayed some of their work, as did Isa Steynberg and Coert Wiechers.

All the art is for sale.

The Kaleidoscope Exhibition is on until Friday, 29 November at the Art Gallery situated next to the Lyttelton Library on the corner of Cantonments Road and Union Avenue. The gallery is open from 10:00 to 17:00. For enquiries, contact Samuel Monyela at the Centurion Art Gallery on 012-358-3477.

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