CH2’s X factor

CH2’s latest album Electro String delivers a saucy Spanish flavour coupled with a French flair.

The innovative sound of Spanish guitar strings re-mixed into a new flavour of electro sounds, brings instrumental music back to life.

Corneille Hutten-Burger and Leon Gropp, in collaboration with Frenchman DJ Xavier Herment have taken everything we know and love about their six-string genius and spun it into an element that’s about to introduce fans to their true X factor.

Their latest album, Electro String, has a Spanish flavour, coupled with a French flair and a marriage between electronica and classic standards.

The first ten tracks are an original interpretation of CH2’s last two Sama award-winning albums (2011’s Ping and 2012’s Live With The UP Symphony Orchestra) with three more original tracks, one of which potentially hints at where these two technically sound raconteurs will end up next.

Since 2001, CH2 has wowed audiences across the country with their classical training and gifted guitar skills.

Their debut Pap & Paella album was topped only by 2008’s It’s About Time and 2009’s The Orange Guitar.

In 2011 they produced the critically acclaimed Ping, and after the 2012 release of the pair’s symphonic melange of rich and textured classics, Corneille and Leon decided to mix things up a little. And that’s exactly what their fifth album is about.

During a trip to the Seychelles, the two guitarists met DJ Xavier and the Frenchman began to skilfully deconstruct some of CH2’s greatest hits. “Before we even agreed to attempt this project, Xavier delivered three amazing mixes,” Corneille recalled.

The twosome who have been playing together for six years said that they had spoken about doing a remix collaboration, but finding the right person to interpret what they had in mind came from fate intervening.

Think free-form, jazz-teased melodies with just enough old-school sensibility to inject the right dose of dance floor and club beat quality on the up tempo tracks.

“This is an innovative project that will explore our diversity,” Leon said.

“This project will be approachable to a diverse audience especially with the mix of classical music with club and electro jazz,” Corneille said.

The project has been entered for the Grammy Awards.

Next year has its own challenges, with the two guitarists wanting to make a music video and bringing new, fresh acoustic elements to their music.

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